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YOU are what you Eat, Think and Do.  So do You Need To Reboot Your Life!!  

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After an initial brief consult, I send any new client a questionnaire to gain an understanding of medical history, and potential clues as to the root cause of the problem. Depending on the nature of the health issue, I MAY then ask you to obtain some routine blood work, if this has not been recently done by your GP. Symptoms and in-depth blood work & personal history give out many clues as to the problem and then finding a solution! It is always my preference to work with an individual's  GP or Consultant and any recommendations I make with regard to change of diet or supplementation, should always be approved by them.



Having had several health problems over the last few years, some chronic, Zoe has helped me understand both the potential origin of the illness and what to work on to improve it.  So often medication from doctors is great at controlling symptoms but does nothing to cure the cause.  I learned so much.  I am 10 pounds lighter, my energy has returned and I am managing my diabetes without medication.

 Anon - Berkshire





Having felt tired and fatigued and always stressed I was heading for a crash.  Zoe requested I get a hormonal and full blood work profile and sure enough my cortisol levels showed I was heading for burn out.   I have now altered my diet, am taking some adrenal support formulas and herbs and am on the road to recovery.

Mrs T Smith - Shropshire


Having been always overweight as a child my weight continued to rise despite me eating very little.   I now understand that my hormones were not aligned and why my attempts at weight loss always failed.   I am now balanced, weigh 2 stone lighter which has contributed to me being a much happier human being.

Christine Jenkins - Bucks



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