Corporate Health & Wellbeing Programme(s)

     Stress and wellbeing challenges in the workplace can arise in many forms, they can be due to external pressures that so many of us have encountered over the last 18 months; sudden changes to job positions or corporate structure  can lead to uncertainty or feelings of overwhelm; they can be due to feeling powerless and unrecognised.   Alternatively, our own physical or emotional health & circumstances, or challenges in our home life can affect our wellbeing and therefore our work performance!?  If you are honest, and dig deep, we all have personality traits e.g. anger, procrastination, withdrawal when we are stressed that can hinder our personal growth & cause potential conflict.

    In response, I deliver two courses, the first is  "Stress Management & Wellbeing", and  the second "Health & Wellbeing for Men & Women 40+", which educates on physical & hormonal challenges which can affect wellbeing. and their solutions.


Young businessman in a suit juggling with office supplies in his office, isolated on white
Young businessman in a suit juggling with office supplies in his office, isolated on white


I deliver two Corporate Programmes, which identify key areas of challenges to Health & Wellbeing in the workplace.  The first is a Corporate Stress Management & Wellbeing Awareness programme which not only analyses the importance of physical wellbeing and how to set health biometric benchmarks; identifies personality traits we all have, that can cause  stress for an individual and hinder progress; also identifying situational stressors.  Whatever the source or cause working on best communication practice for conflict resolution.


The second is a Wellbeing in the Workplace 40+ that identifies and educates on the physical, psychological & hormonal challenges that impact wellbeing  This latter programme is designed for both sexes.

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Whether you are an MD, Executive, Entrepreneur, Manager, Public Sector Worker or Key Worker in the Private Sector, we all have challenges from time to time affecting both our physical and emotional wellbeing.  My Programmes are designed to empower individuals with knowledge so they can identify issues that may challenge physical & mental wellbeing and seek help quickly to prevent absenteeism, ill health and importantly unhappiness & dissatisfaction in the workplace.

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