my story



My father wanted me to be a Doctor as a child, but at school I was disinterested in academic life.   Fortunately, later, I did put my 'academic hat on'.


I am a registered Member of the Health Sciences Academy, a nutritional organisation affiliated to Harvard and St Thomas Hospital in London, and I  am a Member of The American Institute of Nutritional and Metabolic Medicine, qualifying in Endocrinology, Weight Management, gut restoration and detoxication, cancer & longevity, stress management and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. (please see link to Certifications on my main page).

They say 'necessity is the mother of invention'; in my case it was necessity, stubborness, curiosity and health challenges.  I had been an extremely healthy child, and everything was all well until I hit puberty, whereupon I was beset by a myriad of minor but annoying health problems, hormonal, high anxiety, weight gain, and fatigue.   At the time, medical doctors wanted to control the symptoms with a plethora of medications, some with significantly harmful side effects, and they admitted to me that through "google" I probably knew more about my condition that they did - which was worrying indeed!!  I refused all medication and with then no knowledge of how to cure myself just stuck to healthy eating and my symptoms were somewhat controlled but I was no way cured.  And that is where my journey back to health started.  I wanted to know "what exactly in my body was broken?". I didn't want to just manage symptoms....I wanted to know WHY?  I wanted a CURE!  And so my journey to learn and understand how the body can so easily start to break down began.....


I understand now,  how so many factors, genetic predisposition, the changed environmental/toxins, the nature of certain illnesses, dietary deficiences, dietary intolerance and the role of immune dysfunction & inflammation can combine and in so many people make them vulnerable to a myriad of major and more minor health problems.  I also learnt to truly understand that there is not a 'one size fits all approach' to any health problem, because we are all unique in our physical and emotional make up.  So there is not one singular healing modality that I recommend. What I am seeking is to find a long term strategy that works for the individual.   I say "long term" because whether it is weight loss, or health concerns, there is usually not an instant "quick fix" and the plan you adopt has to be workable and sustainable for YOU, for LIFE!!

I had an instinctive belief that the body, given the right circumstances dietary and lifestyle, physical and mental, really wants to heal itself.  I have been lucky to study with the many medical doctors at the American Institute of Nutritional and Metabolic Medicine, who have a wonderful understanding of nutrition and its integration with traditional allopathic medicine, and who can separate the fact from the fiction on the many "natural healing" cures, based on up to date science!  Also to brave medical doctors who have had the courage to speak out about some, lets say ,"dubious practises by the pharmaceutical industry" when it has come to "rubbishing natural cures"; whilst not being entirely transparent about the efficacy of their own products and protocols.  

With regard to weight management, I have studied the cause of so many people's weight gain (and it is not sloth or gluttony), how weight gain resulting in certain body shapes can indicate disruption in organs and glands;  and how due to one "key" factor there is no one diet suits all!!  Also that weight stability is more complex that the old equation of calories equals calories out, which may be relevant to a 20 year old with perfect hormone health, but will not be relevant to a 40 year old peri-menopausal woman, for example!  Also the emerging importance of the role of the gut microbiome in maintaining not only optimal weight, but preventing the major diseases of the western world.

I have studied optimal nutrition for anti ageing (and I am not talking just wrinkles here!), I am talking western man's propensity for sarcopenia (complete muscle loss) that renders many immobile over the age of 75!  I have also studied optimal diets to help prevent and eliminate some of the most common medical conditions our western society is beset with.

My advice is always practical and not radical.   I acknowledge it is sometimes hard to even make small changes to our habits and ways of life.   But I do know that knowledge is power....and without health and vitality we are never going to live to our full I hope my methods are encouraging to all and never didactic and will leave you motivated to make the changes you feel will benefit you most as an individual!

To be clear, I am not anti traditional allopathic treatment, what is certain though, is there should be more 'integrated medicine and medical practice'; and recognition by the medication profession that there is more than one route to wellness.  Many doctors of course know this, but due to their own practice restrictions and fears of lawsuits, there is reluctance to look beyond their own guidelines .  Also I would like to see more clinical trials into natural remedies where there is so much anecdotal evidence of success  (cynics would say no money to be made in this and clearly not the doctors fault!). 


I want to also acknowledge there is some disagreement amongst some scientific case study/evidence, as to what is considered the optimal diet (largely relating to the emphasis on protein/fat or carbohydrate quantities, or inclusion), but what is incontravertible is that optimal nutrition and vitamin therapy, herbs, relaxation techniques and moderate exercise can prevent and in some cases reverse even the most severe dis-ease!      


New evidence emerges every day especially the role of DNA propensity for certain health condition; this is proving useful information, but we all know with good diet and lifestyle we can go beyond our genetic material (epigenetic).  The best all professionals can do is give the very best advice at any given point in time, based on independent, unsponsored, scientific findings!! Chemotherapy despite all the money and scientific knowledge only has a 5% cure rate (deemed to be life expectancy over 5 years) for stage III or stage IV cancers.   The book "The Placebo Effect", shows the power of the mind over disease, and this should never be underestimated!!  So everyone should be humble....please be humble...there is still much we do not know.  


And for my, sadly now, late father, I didn't become a medical doctor, but I practice and, with God's grace, will continue to practice for many years, a science as equally fulfilling.  I am a believer in being grateful for your joys and your hardships, and I am glad for own tribulations, because they led me to find my passion!!.....